Love for Sail – Part II (Final Post from St. Lucia)

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This is our final post from St. Lucia. 

As Frank and I were flying home, my dad called with news that my mother had fallen and broken her shoulder.  I diverted to South Carolina and have been here helping out (and she is finding her own sea legs again). 

But since this was our absolutely favorite day, I am determined to finish this one so Frank and I can look back on these beautiful memories.

When I left off, Frank and I were sailing with Bateaux Mygo on a private sailboat down the coast of St. Lucia, heading to the Pitons, the twin peaks formed by volcanic activity that are on all the St. Lucian postcards.

They are a spectacular site.

Here’s the rest of the blog that I wrote while still in St. Lucia – not knowing what life would bring next . . . .

Once we got closer, we took down the sails and ducked into the town of Soufriere, which is the historic capital of St. Lucia.

It was lunchtime. Before we knew it, the boat slowed and First Mate Andrez hopped in the dinghy and took off – apparently to pick up our lunch.

When he returned, we had a wonderful surprise. His aunt lives in Soufriere and had cooked us an authentic St. Lucian feast – grilled chicken, rice, noodles, yams, zucchini – wow. It was really good.

We also discovered the cockpit table was really an ice chest filled with water, beer, wine, and rum punch.

We picked up a mooring ball by Sugar Beach, one of the most exclusive resorts on the island, and in between the two Pitons. Whichever way we looked, we had an amazing view to accompany our lunch.

We napped, swam, and just gazed at the scene.

Soon it was time to head back.

We motored happily back up the coast, leaving the Pitons in our wake, and re-tracing our steps to Marigot Bay.

This is our last post.

I am writing it from our balcony with tears in my eyes . . .

And believe it or not, a view of my favorite Sea Cloud, who was here again this morning when we woke up!

St. Lucia – and especially Marigot Bay – is such a special and magical place. We will be back.

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