Love For Sail – Part I

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**Slight disruption as we have traveled home – but we still wanted to capture our very favorite day of the entire trip. 

This is Part I.

Love for Sail

That is what is on the t-shirts of our crew for our very own private sail today – to the famous Pitons.

The Pitons are the two volcanic-formed mountains that are in all the pictures of St. Lucia.  Our main goal for visiting St. Lucia was to see the Pitons by boat.

But there are endless possibilities of boats – fast boats, sailboats, big boats.

We see boats crammed with people taking a turn through Marigot Bay with music blaring. They are on their way to the Pitons, too.

That wasn’t for us, so we opted for a private sailboat for the day with just us (and the crew). It was perfect.

Our boat was a 43-foot Beneteau (a bigger version of Carolina Girl) with two super friendly crew members, Kevin and Andrez.

We chartered out of Chateau Mygo (our favorite restaurant – the boat business is called Bateaux Mygo).

They asked what we wanted to do for the day.  We said we just wanted to sail.   

It was glorious. I will leave you with some pictures.

And a sneak peak at those fabulous Pitons – next up is Part II.

That will be our last post for this trip.

One thought on “Love For Sail – Part I

  1. Hi Christy.

    Your blog and the photos are so interesting and your love of life is … contagious.

    I dont remenber going to Ste Lucie but now its on my list.

    Hugs to both of you.




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