Celebrating 50 in the West Indies!

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The Two Fools are back on the road – this time to the West Indies!

But . . . we we had so much fun on our last trip that we didn’t even finish the blog.

We love looking back at past blogs to re-live memories. So – we are going to finish up our winter travels with Frank’s Sicilian cousin Enza after we return from the islands.  Once you see how much we did, you will see why we just didn’t have time to host Enza, make pasta, speak Italian, run around Sicily, drink limoncello AND write a blog.  (I like to think that I am adopting the Italian lifestyle – I’ll get to it when I get to it.)

But first – to the islands.

You may wonder why we chose to head to the Caribbean at the tail end of hurricane season.  Well, it is my 50th Birthday!  And it turns out to be an excellent time to be in the islands because hurricane season is just about done but Christmas season has not yet started so there are great deals to be had. 

We are spending my birthday week at a tiny private island called Petit St. Vincent.  To get there, we had to fly to Barbados and then pick up a 6-seat puddle-jumper (where the boarding passes were handwritten!).

We flew with one other couple to Union Island, where we were the only people going through immigration.

Then a boat whisked us to Petit St. Vincent.

Where we were met on the dock with cool towels scented wth frangiopane, pina colladas, and little Jeeps (called Mokes – Mo-Kees) to drive us to our cottage.

Petit St. Vincent is a resort with 22 “cottages” – all set apart from each other for privacy and good views.  We are right on the water in a villa with an outdoor living room.

And plenty of places to sit and read and soak up the sun.

All on our own private beach.

And best of all – no Internet or phone.  We will be off the grid for a week.  (I wrote this sitting in our backyard with a view of the ocean – but had to post once we returned to civilization.). 

Tomorrow I’ll write about my favorite part of Petit St. Vincent (or PSV for short) – the flag system, where you can raise a yellow flag and a butler will come by Jeep to your cottage to deliver whatever you want.  We could get used to this!

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