Flags of Petit St. Vincent

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So we are on Petit St. Vincent (PSV), an island in the Grenadines not too far from Grenada.  Besides the beautiful beaches and views, they are probably best known for the flags.  Here’s how it works.

Each cottage has a flag system.

Red means we want privacy – do not disturb.  

Yellow means we want something. 

There is a box in our room full of menus – breakfast, cocktails, even Afternoon Tea. 

If we want something, we fill out the menu, roll it up, put it in the circular mailbox by our flags, and raise the yellow flag. 

Butlers in Moke jeeps ride around and when they see a yellow flag, they stop to pick up the message. 

Before you know it, someone is outside of our cottage ringing the bell to deliver our request. 

We can also order laundry, fishing gear, or even to be picked up by Moke if we don’t feel like walking somewhere.  All included (except cost of alcohol).  It’s brilliant!

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