“On the Town” in Petit St. Vincent

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While it is very tempting to just raise our yellow flag and order room service all day, Petit St. Vincent has a lot to offer.

We usually start the evening with cocktails in the lounge, where you can tell the bartender your favorite flavors, and he will concoct a bespoke drink just for you.

There are two restaurants. One is “fancier” with a 3-course menu each night.  (When I say fancy, it is still all very laid back, but in an elegant way.)

The other is the beach club, where we sit with our feet in the sand.

Both are delicious, but the beach club is my favorite.  You can pick out a lobster from the pool and they will grill it for you right there.  All is included except alcohol – so you can try as many dishes or order as many lobsters as you want! Sailboats anchor off of here and dinghy in for lunch and dinner – we’ve had fun comparing notes with other sailors and dreaming of a future charter back in the Grenadines.

There are water sports (also included) and snorkeling on reefs right off the beach.

And a fabulous spa.  It is run by a team from Bali.  Frank and I had a couples massage up in an open-air treehouse overlooking the sailboats.

And after lunch, the beach club is a perfect place for a nap.  (Notice the fishing pole, too – Frank has found his place!)

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