Sailing to Tobago Cayes

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Today was one of the days we will talk about for a long time – we got to sail on Beauty, a beautiful wooden boat hand-made by Captain Jeff on the island next to us – Petit St. Martinique.

PSV did it up right – loading the boat with cold water, soft drinks, wine, beer, juice – and lunch.

It was a beautiful day for sailing, and Frank and I had the whole boat to ourselves, along with Captain Jeff and his crew Simba.

We close-hauled from PSV to Tobago Cayes, which is a small island chain surrounded by coral reefs. It is a national park, so all is protected. Boats have to pick up mooring balls (no anchoring) and no fishing is allowed.

Once on the mooring, Simba lowered the dinghy and took Frank and I to the outer reef for snorkeling.  We could pretty much float along with the current as we drifted back toward the boat.  We went from reef to reef and saw colorful fish of all sorts – schools and schools of them – plus sea turtles!   

Then back to the boat, where the table was set and the grill was on – Angus steak and freshly caught lobster and tuna.  Plus good company with story after story of how Captain Jeff, who hails from the UK, worked his way around the world on boats to end up in the Grenadines, built this boat, and recruited Simba, who grew up on Petit Martinique to join him on these adventures.  One of the best meals I’ve ever had.

Then they turned the boat over to me and Frank to sail us home!

We remembered why we are sailors at heart.  Thank you Captain Jeff and Simba.

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